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goodwill transformation: bluth stair car

August 27th, 2008 by moxie


i found a bag of airport, government and various municiple toy vehicles at goodwill. i peeled off the decals of the now-defunct airline, grabbed up some sharpies and went to town.

now when i put on arrested development, i can play too! wanna hop on?

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5 Responses

  1. mia

    You need a tiny copy of the cab (via red light camera) to put inside: http://www.theozzone.com/images/Records/tv_tributes/arrested_development/ep_righteous_brothers_p.jpg

  2. rakka

    BWAH-HAAA!! i CANNOT stop laughing!

  3. Ansley


  4. Anonymous

    Aw, hell – I heart you so much! This made me giggle and clap my hands like a schoolkid. You freaking rock.

  5. katy

    ooooo! i wanna play too. how fun! must find little people for added hop on fun!

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