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Etsy Find – JamieNoel

November 17th, 2008 by moxie

I love everything about what Jamie Noel does. I am attracted to her themes and ascetic, but when you add in her execution, her work makes my heart pound.

She refers to her jewelry designs as “interactive” and indeed, that’s where she shines. Take this Circus Mix Up Necklace for instance:


From the Etsy listing:

It starts with a custom made frame divided into four shadow box compartments.

Next the characters are added: the tattoo lady, the strong man, the lion tamer, and a very dapper monkey. This circus troupe comes from vintage circus advertising posters.

The process is finished with tiny panes of hand cut glass and beautifully scalloped sterling silver solder.


In case that one is already sold to someone buying me a belated birthday present, I also really want this Punch and Judy Puppet Theater Brooch.


Get this:

This handmade brooch is actually a miniature puppet theater with moving parts!

Pull the sterling silver lever on either side of the brooch and Punch and Judy disappear behind the curtains.
Push the lever and they come back on stage. Gently jiggle the lever and watch them dance.

She has a lot more to see in her Etsy store. Go there now if only to gawk at the splendor. Clicky.

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